EE Profile: Who Canada wants?

With our ECAs and IELTS results in hands, we created our Express Entry Profile on May 18th, 2017. We applied under the Federal Skilled Worker category and achieved 452 points at the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Overall Score: 452
Human Capital – Age: 60
Human Capital – Level of Education: 140
Human Capital – First Official Language Proficiency: 122
Spouse – Level of Education: 10
Spouse – First Official Language Proficiency: 20
Skill Transferability – Education: 50
Skill Transferability – Foreign Work Experience: 50

Looking at the Canadian Ranking System, our first thought was that Canada does not want immigrants with Ph.D. Difference from Masters Degree is only 14 points, and considering that people usually finish Ph.D. and start working in their 30s, points that they gain in education end up being less than the amount they lose in age. Too late, Principal Applicant has a Ph.D. but lost 30 points in age :(.

In our opinion, a feasible excellent profile would be:
– Principal applicant under 30 years, with a Masters Degree, IELTS English level C1, and three years of foreign work experience;
– Spouse with a Masters Degree and IELTS English level C1.

We read everything we could about Express Entry, but when we were filling our profile, we had doubts about mandatory/optional information. For example, we knew that we only needed points for Principal Applicant work experience, so was it mandatory to put Spouse experience, too? We filled all Principal Applicant and Spouse information for the last ten years, but later we learned that we only needed to put what was worth points.

Our advice to future candidates for permanent residency is to read all available information about how Express Entry works so you can begin your profile knowing exactly what you need. Also, it is good to keep a copy of your profile to check later if it is necessary.


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