Invitation to a New Life

As soon as we created our Express Entry profile, our anxiety pre-receiving an Invitation to Apply begun!

At first, we were calm. We were accompanying all rounds of invitation since the beginning of the year, so we knew that our CRS score (452 points) was enough to be invited. The problem was that we could only create our profile on May 18h, and a draw had just happened on the day before. Then, on May 26th, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration decided to make two specific draws inviting only people that had provincial nominee certificates or were applying under the trade category. Moreover, punctuation criteria were going to change on June 6th, and we weren’t going to benefit. At that time, we didn’t know if CIC was going to make another round before June and we started getting nervous!

On May 31st, Canada made the last round before changing CRS, and we got invited!!! On that day, 3,877 lucky people received ITA, and the lowest CRS score was 413 points. We don’t know if Canadians realize the importance of an ITA. For us, future immigrants, it is an opportunity for a new life!!!




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